Teaching Science Through Art: 3 Art Integrated Lesson Plans That Hit

Arts Integration is a great strategy for differentiating instruction.

5 Tech-based Teacher Tools for School and Life

photo of code projected over woman

I learned many a thing throughout my first year of teaching, some good, some bad, some funny, some not so funny. This post highlights 5 tech-based tools that have proven to be useful both in and out of the classroom.

An Open Letter To My 7th Grade Students

An open letter to my students full of broken promises and buzzwords and is a little embarrassing.

Tutorial: How to Use Canva to Generate Color Palettes

This video tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to generate a color palette using Canva’s Color Palette Generator.


In this post I explore the meanings behind the 6 colors represented in the gay pride flag.

I’m Back, Baby. I’m Back.

In this post, I provide an update on the progress toward my 2018 goals, including lots of photos and projects I completed along the way. I outline a few current projects and make some guesses about what the months ahead might look like. 

2017 Goals Are History, Man. 2018 Goals Are Mystery, Man.

This post is an example of a positive reframe. I'll share how my goals evolved over the course of 2017 and how I approached the planning process for 2018. It's already been a more successful year!

Adult Acne? These Crystals Might Help

4 Crystals to know for when the next breakout hits. Mine's coming, I can feel it.

5 Sources of Inspiration from 2017 Holiday Season

In this post, I share five things that I found to be surprisingly inspirational over the course of the holiday season.

Invitation to Love: Out-of-this-World Wedding Invites

It's been awhile since I've posted, so I'm easing back into the swing of things by highlighting a recent design project that I'm pretty excited to write about: my wedding invitation. In this post, I detail the design process for my personal wedding invitation, including what I learned and the unexpected outcomes of the project. I … Continue reading Invitation to Love: Out-of-this-World Wedding Invites