I’m Back, Baby. I’m Back.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’m back, baby. I’m back.

In my last post, I shared three of my 2018 goals. Two of the goals were personal ones, and I have to admit, all three were ambitious. A lot’s happened since that post, and it’s essential for me to fill in the details before posting about my current projects.

I don’t know why it’s important for me to do this, it just is. OK?


In this post, I’ll share my progress toward my 2018 goals, including lots of photos and a few projects I’ve done along the way. I’ll outline some current projects I’m working on before looking into the crystal ball for a glimpse into the months ahead. 


Goal 1: Get married on May 5, 2018

I’m thrilled to say that this goal has successfully been completed! After 15 years, we finally tied the knot. Literally.


I’m glad we have this photo because the knot went missing soon after it was taken! It’s fine with me though because I’M MARRIED!

I’ll detail the DIY wedding projects I completed in the Maker Space section of the website, but for now, here’s a visual overview.

Dinosaur Placecard Holders
Tags for Wedding Favors
Dinosaur Glitter Veil

In this post, I outlined my process for designing our Save The Dates (STDs), and the design process for our invites is covered here.

Goal 2: Design, Develop and Deliver 8 tutorials by 12/31/2018

My progress toward this goal is nonexistent. I’ve got bits and pieces of a few tutorials recorded, but I need to sit down and go through what I have, what I need, and what I want to do.

Then I need to put the pieces together. This may be a goal I need to revise, but I’ll keep it as is for now. Stay tuned!

Goal 3: Graduate from IDT Master’s Program on May 1, 2018

Check! Dishes are done, man.


I’ve got more projects in the works than ever before! To keep it simple I’ll just cover the three projects I worked on most recently.

Project #1: Updating my Resume 

I’m determined to find regular part-time employment by the end of June, so this should be is my #1 priority. I swear it is.

I did, however, spend most of my time today on Project #2.

Project #2: Poe Pencil Pack

I’m just about ready to launch a marketing strategy to sell Edgar Allan Poe themed pencils. The story behind these pencils is long and worthy of its own post, which is forthcoming.

If you just can’t wait, I included a short version in the Etsy listing for this item, which went live today – yay!

The last project I’ll mention is similar to the Poe Pack (Project #2), but I’m taking an entirely different approach to the marketing strategy. I’m excited to see which strategy works best!

Project #3: Pride Pencil Pack

Again, the story behind this project is better suited for a standalone post, which I’ll publish in the next week or so. In the meantime, I included what I believe to be some interesting information in the Etsy listing for this item.

I think I’m at the end of my pencil phase, but who knows, maybe the demand for these pencil packs will motivate me to keep going. I’ll definitely try to work some of these concepts out in future blog posts and newsletters, and I’d love any feedback you might have!


Honestly, I have no idea what the future holds, and I think it’s probably better this way.

Here’s what I do know: I’ll be polishing up my resume and interviewing for part-time jobs shortly. I’ve put it off for too long, and it’s going to be great, right?!?


Other than that, I’ve got what feels like an infinite number of projects I want to move forward this summer. I’ll cover three of ’em and call it a post.

Future Project #1: Miniatures

If You Build It, They Will Come. 

Wait, whaaattt?!? Who will come? What does that even mean? I’m really not sure, but wouldn’t it be cool if dolls really did come to life when humans were sleeping?

You’re right. Maybe it wouldn’t be that cool. I could go deep on this one, but I’ll cut myself off here.


I want to get back to making miniatures. I have so many mini projects that are almost finished. I think I could wrap most of them up if I make a plan and stick to it. Then I could get to work on some of my other 2018 goals, which I’m not going to go into here, but let’s just say that I want to construct several detailed dioramas.

I’m super excited about one concept in particular, which I call Unsolved Mini Mysteries. If you can imagine Robert Stack as a popsicle stick, I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter to stay abreast of this project.

Future Project #2: Reading and Writing, hold the Arithmetic

I’ve been an avid reader since I learned to read as a kiddo. Now that I’m done with school, it’s time to tackle my ‘Reading’ pile that’s been growing steadily over the past few years.


During my coursework, I spent a great deal of time writing discussion posts, research papers and design plans. Now that I have more time and headspace, I hope to devote some of it to writing.

Not sure what this will look like, but blogging is my way of getting the party started. Thanks for following along!

Future Project #3: Travel and Adventure with Extra Productivity, please. Oh, and a side of Love, please. No tomato. Thanks for asking.

I find inspiration everywhere, especially when I travel. I’m excited about what’s on the calendar for the next few months and I can’t wait to learn all the new things I don’t even know I don’t know.

Next week I’m going to visit my mom in Kokomo, Indiana. She’s going to help me make some table runners to sell in my Etsy shop. I’m going to help her paint her master bedroom.

Offwhite. Sherwin Williams. She had a coupon and got a great deal. That’s my Mom and I expect nothing less! Also, I just need to share this, since it’s the best photo I’ve ever seen of my Mom (and I look OK too!):


Isn’t she so pretty? (I’m referring to the braid) (just kidding) (kind of)

In July Lyn and I are taking our first trip as a married couple! We’re heading to Chicago for a long weekend and I’m already exhausted from the weekend. To say I’m excited is an understatement. More on that later!

I may or may not join Lyn when she travels to London for work in September. I hope I do though – I’m in a bit of a History-of-England’s-Monarchy phase, so I’d love to see some historical artifacts with my own peepers.


Phew, I feel so much better! Now that you know everything I’ve been up to these past few months, I want to hear from you! What have you been doing?

I’d really love to hear from you! Reach out directly or leave a comment.


I know you hear me, understand what I’m saying (for the most part), and if you’ve made it this far, you get me, virtual world. I get you too. And there’s something you need to read/know/compute/scan/analyze/understand:


I’m happy to teach you what I know about being a human, but no promises on the quality of my lessons.

So today I’m making a commitment to blog more frequently. If you have any, hold on to your butts! I have a feeling this is going to get real weird, real quick. SO EXCITED!

Humans and Inhumans alike (including Cylons, of course), as long as you have an email address, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter – it’s going to be pretty darn good!


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