Neon Signs of Twin Peaks

I’ve always admired neon signs, and I’m currently drawing inspiration from them. Each sign is unique and represents so much more than meets the eye. But fun for the eye they are!

One-Eyed Jack’s

We’ve talked about somehow reimagining the One-eyed Jack’s sign since we first laid eyes on it (huh huh), perhaps with colored lights or painted on a wooden door.


Beautiful, right?!? But to get the full effect, that flickering J ties into the storyline in ways I still don’t quite understand.

Jack with one eye didn’t make an appearance in the Return, so it’s hard to know if he (or she) survived the past 25 years.

What we do know that the Renault family took special care of their neon, because it was in most, if not every (I’ll confirm this soon) episode:

The Roadhouse, aka The Bang Bang Barbang-bang-bar-neon-sign

At first, I was horrified that some fans were referring to it as the Bang Bang Bar.

It’s the Roadhouse, Millennial! I’d exclaim to the podcasters who would casually complain about the epic long sweeping scene.

But by the end of the season, I discovered that I enjoy saying “Bang Bang Bar sign!” so much more.

One and the same. What’s unclear is what Sarah Palmer is one and the same with.

We got a glimpse after she walked under this noisy neon:

Elk’s Point #9 Bar

In case the audio doesn’t come through, you can almost feel the sound of the electricity. Although the log lady didn’t come right out and say it, this is a sure sign that someone’s face is coming off.


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