Invitation to Love: City Garden Party

Last summer we got in touch with Michael Owen, a local artist we adore, to design and install a mural to add a little life to our back patio space.

We didn’t give the mural the celebration it deserved last year, so we decided to have a city garden party in early June. I knew I would need some help with the planning, so I called on my girl Heidi at Casa Pena Designs for some assistance.

If you’re interested in event design, take a look at the rough plan for this party.

I love the mural so much and wanted to try to share it in a tactile way; I wanted everyone to have a part of the mural.

I tried to accomplish this by creating and printing invites featuring the mural design. Once printed, I wanted to send to invites through the regular mail – everyone loves to receive mail.

Because Michael Owen let us keep the stencil (which I cherish), I used it as the starting point and went from there. I started with another concept in mind, but here’s what I came up with:


One thought on “Invitation to Love: City Garden Party

  1. I love it! I wish we had gotten some pictures of the set up from that night but alas, between great conversation and amazing sangria we forgot. It was a great night.

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